Download this folder

Folder channels and folders let you download their contents from your digital workplace in the form of a zip file. This downloaded folder will not contain any archived content.

The folder options bar that appears above the contents of a folder.

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Use cases

There are times where you may like to retrieve large quantities of information from your digital workplace onto your personal computer. Having the option to download folders saves you from downloading each file individually.

Features and functionality

There are two ways to download a folder. The first option is to navigate to the folder and select Download This Folder. Another option is to go to the files and folders channels, and select Actions for the folder, which will give you the option to download the entire folder. The file will be in zip format and contain all files and subfolders contained in the downloaded folder.

How to download a folder

To download a folder navigate to the folder and select Download this Folder. You can also download folders by selecting Actions for that folder. For more information on how to use the Actions button refer to the Actions button article.

  1. Navigate to the folders channel and select the folder you would like to download.
  2. Once you have selected Download This Folder, your browser will prompt you to select a location to save the file.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a certain level of permissions to download a folder?

People will need at least Read access to download folders.

Why is it that when I download a folder, the file name is in a date format?

This feature was designed to let you know what time the zipped folder was generated by our systems for you to download. You can choose to change the name if like.