Liking content and comments

Likes provide a way for users to show their appreciation of other user's contributions to the digital workplace. Except for tasks, all content types and comments allow users to add a Like to them by selecting the Like button. If a like button is not visible on content and comments, it is likely that the digital workplace administrator has disabled Likes in your workplace

The number displayed next to the Like button is the total number of other users who have liked the content. If there is no number, you can be the first person to add a like.

How to like content and comments

To like content, select its Like button. When directly viewing content, the position of the Like button depends on the content type:

  • Blog articles, files, forum topics, microblog posts, wiki articles, and comments: You can find the Like button below the content.
  • Calendar events: You can find the Like button next to the content in the information panel.

Many widgets and channels allow liking a specific post from their feeds. In these situations, you can find Like buttons next to or below each item in the feed.

Selecting the Like button a second time will remove your like from the content.