The Rating feature allows members to share their opinion on the quality or usefulness of published content. Rating is done through a five-star system, with five stars being the best. Ratings provides quick feedback about content to the publisher and allows people to quickly gauge whether or not they want to read published content based on other people’s ratings.

As of January 26, 2023, users can no longer rate blog articles.

A contents information panel contains its rating.

Features and functionality

There are a few key features and functions to know about when using ratings in your workplace, including:

  • Enable/disable ratings: The rating feature can be enabled within Global Settings in the Control Panel.
  • Rating system: Users can only only provide one rating to content. Rating uses a 5 point system (You can hover over the stars to reveal the score associated with the star rating):
    • 1 star = Poor
    • 2 stars = Fair
    • 3 stars = Good
    • 4 stars = Excellent
    • 5 stars = Outstanding