Adding a label group

Create label groups to help categorize your labels. Members of a digital workplace can then use these label groups to quickly narrow down what labels are relevant to their current needs.

For more information about labels, see labels.

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Considerations and caveats

Who can do this

  • Workplace administrators
  • Enterprise administrators
  • Members of groups with the Manage Labels Role 

Title restrictions

Label group titles cannot be longer than 50 characters and cannot match an already existing title of a label in the same label group. A title that uses different capitalizations or matches an existing title in another language is not considered to be a duplicate. 

Language support

When entering a title, you do so only for the currently selected language. If your digital workplace supports multiple languages, you should click the field's language selector and enter a description for each supported language.


Label groups are sorted in the order of their creation, new groups will always be at the bottom of any label group lists.

How to add a label group

  1. Select  Control Panel cog.
  2. Under Settings, select Manage Labels.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Manage Labels page.
  4. Select Add a group.
  5. Enter a title.
  6. Select Add to finish adding your new label group.