Mapping which profile fields appear on contact cards in search

Select which profile fields appear on the contact cards found on the People tab of the search results page.

Search's Contact Card Configuration.

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Considerations and caveats

Who can do this

Workplace administrators.

Profile fields

For more information about the names of profile fields in your digital workplace, see the Profile fields reference table. While any profile fields could potentially be mapped to display in the contact card, many of these fields on the contact card have identifier-specific iconography. 

Field visibility

Fields may not appear on a users contact card due to the following reasons:

  • They do not have a value for the mapped profile field.
  • Their profile field privacy settings prevent the field from being shown.

In addition to these, the MS Teams icon and link will not appear if the Avatar option in General Settings is not enabled.

How to map which profile fields appear on contact cards in search

  1. Select  Control Panel.
  2. Under Optimization, select Search.
  3. Select the Contact Card tab.
  4. For each field:
    • Enter the profile field that corresponds to it.
    • Clear the field to hide it from the contact card.
  5. Select Save Changes.

Default configuration

Contact card profile field Default field Mappable
First Name firstname No
Last Name lastname No
Reports To i_report_to Yes
Job Title occupation Yes
Department department Yes
City city Yes
Province/State/Region state Yes
Country country Yes
MS Teams im_msteams Yes
Facebook s_facebook Yes
Twitter s_twitter Yes
LinkedIn s_linkedin Yes