Feedback submissions provide signed-in users of a digital workplace with an easy method of contacting the workplace's administrators. The availability of this functionality can be turned on/off on the Global Settings page.The feedback button at the bottom of a page.The feedback button is located the the bottom of most locations in the digital workplace.

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How to turn feedback submissions on/off

  1. Select Control Panel.
  2. Under Settings, select Global Settings.
  3. Find the Feedback section.
  4. To turn feedback on, select Enable feedback throughout the entire site; to turn feedback off, deselect this option.
  5. Click Save to apply this change.

How users can submit feedback

Users who are signed in to their digital workplace can find the Feedback button at the bottom of the following locations:

  • Dashboards
  • Pages
  • Spaces
  • Channels & Channel Content
  • Member Directory page
  • Pulse page

Clicking Feedback opens a form where users can:

  • Select a subject
    • Feedback
    • Report Abuse
    • Report Issue
    • Recommendation
  • Enter a title
  • Enter an explanation
  • Completing the feedback form

The feedback interface.

After completing the form, users must click Send Message. A message will then display indicating that the message has been sent; users can then click Close window to return to their current location or click view my messages to go their Messages page.

Where feedback goes

Feedback messages are sent to all members of the workplace's Administrators group. They appear as a message on the Messages page and generate an email notification. Both of these include the user's message and a link to where the feedback was sent from.

Viewing a feedback message on the Messages page.A feedback message to administrators.