Digital Workplace Preview

Every digital workplace has an associated Preview workplace. At least once every month, the contents and structure of this Preview workplace are deleted and replaced with the contents and structure of your live digital workplace. 

You can use this Preview workplace to experiment with changes to your digital workplace without impacting your live workplace and test upcoming features shortly before they come out. Any changes that you make to your Preview environment are only temporary, as they will be permanently lost when it updates, and they cannot be applied to your live digital workplace. 

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Who can access it

  • Workplace Administrators
  • Enterprise Administrators
  • Members of groups that have the Access Preview Role (this Role can only be assigned from within the Preview workplace)

Where to access it

You can access your Preview workplace by following the Community Preview Address link found on the Community Details page of the Control Panel. If your digital workplace is configured to use SSO, and SSO has not been configured specifically for your Preview workplace, you will need to modify this link so that you can log into your Preview workplace using Igloo Authentication credentials (the same Igloo Authentication credentials that you would use to sign in to your live workplace). To do so, append /?signing to the URL of the link before navigating to your Preview workplace (e.g.,

Unavailable features and functionality 

Although the Preview workplace is a clone of your live digital workplace, it does not have all of the same features and functionality enabled. The following features and functionality do not function in your Preview workplace.

  • Adding members via an invitation
  • Anonymous Access (locations with anonymous access prompt the user to sign in)
  • Content creation via email
  • Subscription and Broadcast email notifications
  • Public Registration (since anonymous users cannot access the Join Button)

The outcomes of the following actions may not be consistent with your live workplace:

  • Search: Search in your preview workplace may produce different results than the same search in your live workplace. Specifically, changes and additions of content that occurred between the last live update and the most recent preview update will not be returned in search. 

When it updates

Preview workplace updates occur alongside new releases of the platform, which typically occur once every month. Approximately one week before a new release, the changes and updates of the release are applied to your Preview workplace. At this time, the content and structure of the Preview workplace are replaced with that of the live workplace.

Depending on events that may impact a release, your Preview workplace may be updated multiple times.

Follow the Target Release Calendar to stay informed about when these releases will be occurring.