Managing your messages

Use your Messages page to stay on top of conversations with other digital workplace members and to keep track of important broadcasts.

For information about sending messages, see messaging other workplace members.

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Types of messages

The following types of communications are classified as messages and will appear in your message feeds:

  • Messages that you have sent to or received from other digital workplace members.
  • Broadcasts that have been sent to a group that you are a member of.
  • Site feedback that has been submitted using the Feedback button at the bottom of most pages in your digital workplace. You will only receive these messages if you are in your digital workplace's Administrators group (i.e., you are a Workplace administrator).

The Messages page

The Messages page showing a feed of received and send messages.

The Messages page is where you manage messages that you have sent or received. To go to your Messages page:

  • On the Userbar, select the User Menu followed by Messages.  
  • On the Userbar, select  Messages followed by View all Messages.

Messages on the Userbar

The Messages drop down on the userbar shows a preview of 4 messages.

If you have any messages (read or unread), the  Messages option will be visible on your Userbar. The number of unread messages you currently have is displayed on top of this icon (e.g., The Messages icon displaying the number of unread messages. ).

By selecting  Messages, you can see previews of your 8 most recent messages. Select a message to go to it, or select View all Messages to go to your Messages page where you can manage your messages.

Responding to messages

You can only respond to messages with other digital workplace members and feedback messages. Broadcast messages can't be responded to.

Entering a reply on a message thread.

To respond to a message, select it from your message feed. You can then begin typing a response in the provided text box. When you are ready to send your message, select Reply.

When drafting a response:

  • Your response can only contain text.
  • You cannot add or remove digital workplace members from the message thread.

Deleting messages

Deleting a message removes it from your message feed. You can't undo this action. 

You can delete messages by doing the following:

  • While viewing a message, select Delete.
  • While on the Messages page, select the checkboxes next to the messages that you want to delete. Then select Delete.

Marking messages as read/unread

Marking a message as read removes the unread notification marker from it. Unread notifications display differently in your message feed and contribute to the unread message count shown on the Userbar.

Viewing an unread message automatically changes its status to read. You can toggle the read status of messages by doing the following:

  • While viewing a message, select Mark as Unread.
  • While on the Messages page, select the circle to the far left of a message. A solid circle indicates that the message is unread.
  • While on the Messages page, select the checkboxes next to the messages that you want to toggle. Then select Mark as Read / Mark as Unread to toggle the status of the selected messages. If the status of the selected messages is mixed, the Mark as Read button will display.

Message email notification settings

By default, you will receive email notifications whenever you get a new message. If you don't want to receive these emails, you can turn them off by selecting Disable Notifications, located at the bottom of the Messages page. When message notifications are disabled, you will not receive email notifications for:

  • Messages from other digital workplace members
  • Broadcasts
  • Site feedback