Adding labels to existing content

You can add labels to supported content types at any time as long as you have the appropriate access level.

For more information about labels, see Labels.

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Considerations and caveats


To add a label to content, you must have at least Edit access to it. 

Supported content types

You can apply labels when creating the following content types:

How to add labels to existing content

  1. Go to the content.
  2. Select the Actions tab.
  3. Select Edit from the Actions menu.
  4. In the Labels section, select Add Label.
  5. Select the labels that you want to add. You can use the search box to filter labels in the following ways:
    • Search for labels that are similar to your query.
    • Enter a label group name to filter displayed labels to those that are in that group.
  6. (Optional) At the bottom of the Edit page, select Don't notify followers of edits to stop a notification from being sent to members who follow the content you are editing.
  7. Select Save Changes.