Located at the top of a digital workplace (above the main or primary navigation). The Userbar includes the user's name and status, with a drop-down User Menu for personal information and settings. The Userbar also includes quick link icons for commonly used features (e.g. Bookmarks and Messages), a search box, a button to add content, language settings, and the Control Panel cog. 

Part Usage


Displays a user's current status.

Switch to another status by clicking on the status icon.

User Menu

Displays the signed-in user's name.

Click to display the User Menu options: Dashboard, Profile, Contacts, Subscriptions, Communities, To Dos, Messages, and Sign Out.


Displays a user's recent direct messages and workplace broadcasts.

Clicking these items provides navigation to the Messages page. Use the + New Message to create and send messages to other workplace members.

Contact Requests

Displays a user's pending contact requests from other workplace members.

Accept or Ignore these requests via the provided dialog, or navigate to the Contacts page. This icon is only visible when a user has pending contact requests.

To Dos

Displays a count of a user's outstanding Drafts, Approvals, and Tasks.

Clicking these To Do items provides navigation to the corresponding personal pages. This icon is only visible when tasks are enabled within a digital workplace.


Displays a user's personal and workplace Bookmarks which can be used for quick navigation to important locations in the workplace.

Click "+Add" to add bookmarks to My Bookmarks. Only Workplace and Enterprise Administrators can create and sort Workplace Bookmarks.

Share a Thought

Provides a shortcut to create Posts on Microblogs where a user has at least Write level access.

Share a Thought is only visible if enabled by an Administrator.

Pending Uploads

Displays a list of files that a user has uploaded, but not published or saved as a draft.

Click files in this list to navigate to the file. This icon is only visible when there are pending uploads.

Search Everywhere

Provides the ability to search the workplace for other users, and content.

Add Content

Provides a shortcut to create content. 

Click to select the content type to create. Only content types that a user has at least Write level access are visible.

Language Selector

Displays the current language.

Switch to another available language by clicking on the language icon. This icon is only visible when the digital workplace has multiple languages enabled.

Control Panel

Provides Workplace Administrators, Enterprise Administrators, and users with certain Roles, access to workplace management and configuration tools.

Not visible to regular users.

Parts of the Userbar