Moving files and folders with File Manager

File Manager makes it easy for you to move existing files and folders within your digital workplace. When moving files, you require at least Edit level access to the file and at least write access to the location where you want to move it.

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How to move files and folders with File Manager

Inherited access rules on your files and folders may change when moving them. Before moving, check what access rules they are currently inheriting and what access rules they would inherit when moved. You can only check access using the web browser. However, you can quickly navigate to these locations from File Manager by right-clicking the file or folder and selecting Open in browser.
  1. In File Manager, go to the location of the files and folders that you want to move.
  2. Select the files or folders that you want to move. Hold CTRL or Shift while selecting to select multiple objects.
  3. In the Sitemap pane, expand the locations until you reveal the folder where you want to move your selected files and folders. To expand a location, select Expand (located next to the location).
  4. Drag and drop your selected files and folders to your desired folder in the Sitemap pane.

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