Posting comments with the app

When viewing content in the app you can add a comment to it to start a conversation or provide additional information. The comments section can be found at the bottom of blog articles, calendar events, documents, microblog posts, and wiki articles. If commenting has been disabled on content, the "Add a comment" box will not be displayed.

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Considerations and caveats

  • @mentioningWhen commenting, you can @mention other members of your digital workplace. @mentioning a member results in them receiving a notification with a link to where they are @mentioned. To @mention a member, type @ and then begin typing the member's name. As you type, a menu will pop up from which you can select who you want to @ mention.
  • Replying to comments (threaded comments): In addition to commenting on content (first-level comments), users can reply to comments on blog articles, files, calendar events, forum posts, microblog posts, and wiki articles. These replies (second-level comments) automatically append an @mention to the author of the original comment before the reply text and be indented from the original comment to indicate a new thread of discussion. Replying to a second-level comment behaves in the same way and results in a third-level comment. However, replies to third-level comments do not create additional commenting levels and are instead posted as third-level comments.

How to comment on content

Commenting when viewing content in the Web tab:

If you switch to Responsive View you can comment the same way as in the web browser experience. For more information, see Posting comments.

Commenting elsewhere in the app

  1. While viewing the content you want to comment on:
    • To add a new comment, tap Add a comment.
    • To reply to a comment, tap Reply under the comment you want to reply to.
  2. Enter your comment in the provided field. In addition to typing, you can also add an image by taking a picture with your device's camera, or by selecting a photo from your device's photo library. Both of these options require you to have granted the app permission to these parts of your device.
    • Select  Camera to open up your device's cam era. Once you have taken a picture you will have the option to accept it or take a new picture. Once you have accepted a picture, it will be added to the comment box.
    • Select  Photo to open up your device's photo library. Select an image to insert into your comment.
  3. Select Post.
  4. Add a comment text box.