Redirects allow for the continuity of links when content is moved from one location in the digital workplace to another location. This feature occurs automatically for URLs within your workplace that direct to other locations in your workplace. If you would like to set up a specific redirect, consider using URL Shortcuts.

Features and functionality

Redirects will be generated when you move a piece of content in your workplace. Links that previously directed to that contents old location will redirect to the contents new location without any need to change the URL of the link. This redirect functionality will continue to work even if the content is moved again, or subsequently again.

When a link is selected in your workplace, your browser will look to navigate to that links URL. If the URL is not found it will look for any redirects in case the content has been moved. If a redirect is found you will be directed to that moved contents new location. As a result, if new content has been created that matches the URL of the original link no redirects will be looked for, you will be directed to the location specified by the link's URL. If you would like to restore any redirects that may have existed, delete the content that is currently blocking the redirect.