Search query URL parameters

Search queries can be constructed and run from a valid URL path. The URL must contain the root URL of a digital workplace and the /?search parameter with a value (ex. Additional parameters (described in the table below) can be appended to a query to add additional specificity.

This functionality can be used to create links or CTAs that perform a specific search.

Query results are displayed on the normal search results page.

Parameter Usage
?search={search term} Replace {search term} with the term you want to search. This parameter is a mandatory part of any URL search queries.
&app={content type} Replace {content type} with a comma-separated list content types, or a single content type. Available options include:
  • Blog
  • Document
  • Calendar
  • Forum
  • Microblog
  • Pages
  • People
  • Wiki

This will restrict search results to only the specified content types.

&updatedBy={user's GUID} Replace {user's GUID} with a user's unique 16 character alphanumeric identifier. Administrators can find these values on the Manage Members page by using the inspecting the HTML on the action button next to a user's name.
&updatedDateType={time period} Replace {time period} with one of the following time periods:
  • PastHour
  • PastTwentyFourHours
  • PastWeek
  • PastMonth
  • PastYear
  • DateRange
When using DateRange, these additional parameters must also be added:
  • &updatedFrom={YYYY-MM-DD}
  • &updatedTo={YYYYY-MM-DD}
&parent={location} Replace {location} with the relative URL path of the location you want to search for content in. Substitute slashes with %2F.

Example: /deptartments/marketing-> %2Fdeptartments%2Fmarketing
&labels={label ID} Replace {label ID} with a comma-separated list of label IDs. Administrators can find these values on the Manage Labels page by using the inspecting the HTML on a label's name. 
&archived=true Add this value to include archived content in your search results. 
&field={profile field} Not functional. While this appears when you select a profile chip (e.g. My Interests), it does not restrict the search to only that field.