Inserting a document into the WYSIWYG editor

Use the WYSIWYG editor to insert documents from a folder channel in your digital workplace into your content.

A document preview embedded in a WYSIWYG editor.

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Considerations and caveats

  • Access: Your members must have access to the source document to see it. For a document in a folder channel of your digital workplace, the document's access rules determine who can view it.

How to insert a document into the WYSIWYG editor

The Copy embed code option under More Controls.

From a folder channel:

  1. Open a separate browser tab and go to the file.
  2. On the preview toolbar, select  More Controls followed by Copy embed code.
  3. Select Copy to copy the embed code.
  4. Back in the WYSIWYG editor, select  More Misc followed by  Code View.
  5. Locate where you want to place the audio player, and then paste the embed code you copied.
  6. (Optional) Change the height or width of the document by modifying the width and height attributes of the embed code.
  7. Select  Code View again to return to the regular view.