Members widget

Use the Members widget to display members of a group. Depending on the widget's layout, users can interact with the displayed members in different ways. If enabled, users can join or leave the featured group using the widget.

The Members widget on a page.

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Considerations and caveats

  • Private profiles: If Member Profile Access is set to Administrators Only, non-administrators can't access the profiles of other users. workplace administrators can configure this option on the Public/Private Access page found in the Control Panel.
  • Profile image shape and MS Teams direct messaging: The shape of profile pictures in the widget (Square or Circle) and MS Teams direct messaging link is set using the Avatar setting found on the Global Settings page of the Control Panel. For more information, see Direct messaging through Microsoft Teams.
  • Member Directory access: Users must have at least Read access to the Member Directory page to view the contents of this widget. Members without access to the Member Directory will see the following message in the widget: "Sorry, you do not have access to the content in this widget."
  • Space groups: By default, the widget will not display the members of a space group if the viewer is not a member of that space group. To change this, see Allow workplace members to view Space Group membership.

Set up

Follow these steps to set up this widget:

  1. Place a  Members widget on a page, space, or dashboard. For more information, see Placing and setting up a widget
  2. Select the placed widget's Edit button.
  3. Review and make changes to the settings on the Options, Layout, and Appearance tabs. You can find details about the widget's settings in the Settings section below.
  4. In the widget editor, select Update to apply your changes or Cancel to discard them.  
  5. At the bottom of your page, space, or dashboard, select Publish or Save as Draft to save your changes.


Setting Description

Enter a title for the widget. The title appears as a heading above the widget's contents. You should use the title to provide context to the widget and better structure a page's content by clearly denoting different sections.

When entering a title, you do so only for your currently selected language. If your digital workplace supports multiple languages, you should select  Translation and enter a title for each supported language. 

This field can contain a maximum of 140 characters.

Title link Select to make the widget's title a link. When selected, users can select the title to go to the digital workplace's Member Directory page.

Enter a description for the widget. The description appears between the title and the widget's contents. You can use this text to provide information to users about the widget.

When entering a description, you do so only for your currently selected language. If your digital workplace supports multiple languages, you should select  Translation and enter a description for each supported language.


Select which group the widget will display members of. When configuring the widget, users will see and can search for all groups in the digital workplace. To select a group:

  1. Select the Group dropdown.
  2. Search for a group by its name.
  3. Select a group from the list of up to 50 matches.
Open membership Select to allow anyone to be able to join or leave the selected group without the approval of an administrator. This configuration option is only visible to Workplace Administrators. It can't be used when the selected group is the system Administrators group, system Members group, or Administrator group of a space. The join/leave button will appear below the content of the widget.
Sort options

Select which user property to sort on. Options include:

  • Date Joined
  • Online Status
  • First Name
  • Last Name

You can select to have the sort order be either Ascending or Descending.

Number of results Enter the maximum number of members to display initially. You must enter a value between 1 and 99. If there are additional members to display, users can select the View All link, found at the bottom of the widget, to go to the Member Directory page. The Member Directory will initially only show members of the selected group.
Options tab
Setting Description
Choose a Layout

Select how to display members in the widget. Options include:

  • List: Displays the following member information:
    • Profile photo
    • Name
    • What's on my mind? message
    • Send Message link
    • Connect linkMembers shown using the list layout.
  • Tile: Displays the following member information: 
    • Profile Photo
    • Name
    • What's on my mind? message
    • Members shown using the tile layout.
  • Compact: Shows the following member information 
    • Profile photo
    • Name
    • What's on my mind? messageMembers shown using the compact layout.
  • Thumbnail: Shows the following member information 
    • Profile Photo
    • Status (when thumbnail size is 64 x 64)Members shown using the thumbnail layout.
Customize your layout

This option is only available if the Layout is Thumbnail.

Select which size of thumbnails to display. Options include:

  • 32 x 32
  • 48 x 48
  • 64 x 64
Layout tab
Setting Description
Class Enter CSS class selectors to provide additional styling to the widget. For more information, see Applying custom CSS to widgets.
Height Select the height of the widget. Options include:
  • Auto: The leftmost slider position. The height of the widget will increase and decrease to contain what it is displaying.
  • Fixed: Select a fixed height between 50px to 600px in increments of 50px. A vertical scrollbar will appear on the widget if the content exceeds this fixed value.
Appearance tab


Your digital workplace's theme overwrites many of the settings on the Appearance tab. However, the settings listed above are usable.

Interacting with the displayed users

You can interact with the displayed users in the following ways:

  • Select a user's profile picture or name to go to their profile page.
  • Hover over a user's profile picture to access their profile card or message them with MS Teams (if enabled).
  • If the widget uses the list layout, you can select Send Message to message the user in the platform or select Connect with to add them to your connections.
  • If available, select View All to see all the members of the group. This will take you to the Member Directory page.

Joining and leaving the group

If a workplace administrator has enabled Open membership, you can select Join Group to become a member of the group displayed in the widget or Leave Group (if you are already a group member) to leave the group displayed in the widget. You will be prompted to confirm this action. 

A Members widget with the Join group button.

By joining a group, you may gain access to additional locations in your digital workplace and receive notifications on content the group is subscribed to. If you leave the group, you will lose this access and stop receiving the group notifications.