Static Slideshow enhancement

Display the same image behind all articles in a Content Slideshow widget using the Static Slideshow enhancement. Use this when you want to provide a consistent viewing experience or do not want the slideshow to automatically use the first image from an article.

If your digital workplace already has this enhancement, you can find configuration steps on your Styles page.  

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Considerations and caveats

Keep in mind the following when using the Static Slideshow enhancement:

  • You can only add the Static Slideshow enhancement to the Content Slideshow widget.
  • The Static Slideshow enhancement uses the same static image across your entire digital workplace.
  • You can change the static image only if you have a digital workplace theme.

How to give your slideshow a static background image

Apply the Static Slideshow enhancement to a Content Slideshow widget by giving it the static-image class. Refer to the article Applying custom CSS to widgets if you are unsure how to apply CSS classes to a widget.  

How to change the static image

Refer to your digital workplace's style page for specific instructions on updating this image in your digital workplace. Your digital workplace's style page can be found at https://{your digital workplace domain}/styles.

The image used by this class is typically in your digital workplace's theme folder (https://{yourdigitalworkplace}/theme). To change the image, upload your new image as a new version of this file. Please contact the Igloo Support team if you need help finding this file.