Tips for working with Data Feeds

Source System ID

Dimension tables (tables that begin with "d") contain general information about Igloo Objects. Within a table, an object may have many rows associated with it. This happens because actions such as archiving or renaming create new rows in the table. While the object will receive a new row and unique key value, its Source System ID will remain the same.

As a result:

  • Join object dimension tables to navigation tables (dContentNav, dContainerNav) by Source System ID and not the unique row key.
  • Total activity across the Source System ID if you'd like to know overall activity on an Igloo Object.

Current digital workplace members

The dUser table contains Users who have ever performed any action in your digital workplace. To identify current members of your digital workplace you will need to identify what users are currently in the Member group. 

Large data sets

Tables such as fact tables (tables that being with "f") can get very large. Filter this data by a specific date range. Also, remove any unneeded columns.

Guest Users

Identify Guest Users in fact tables by their user_key value 367003. Activity by Guest Users is most common on locations that have been made open to the public.