User Agreement on Sign-In enhancement

The User Agreement on Sign-In enhancement causes a pop-up to appear for all users whenever they attempt to sign in to your digital workplace. Users must then click agree to continue the sign-in process; clicking Cancel or closing the pop-up cancels the sign-in process.

A message that get's displayed when user's sign-in.

To investigate whether this enhancement is a good fit for your digital workplace, contact your Customer Success Manager, or email the Customer Success Team. If your workplace already has this enhancement, you can find configuration steps on your Styles page.

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Considerations and caveats

Keep in mind the following when using the User Agreement on Sign-In enhancement:

  • Not compatible with SSO.
  • Not compatible with the Digital Workplace app (the terms do not display when authenticating using the app).
  • The pop-up appears every time a user signs in. 
  • The message can only be presented in a single language.

Configuration options

The User Agreement on Sign-In enhancement has the following configuration options:

  • Title text
  • Content text
  • Button Text