Appearance page

Your digital workplace's Appearance page provides a central location for workplace administrators and users with roles to control the look and feel of a workplace. From this location, you can ensure that your workplace matches your corporate brand by modifying the logo, theme, notification branding, and CSS.

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Logo section

The logo section of the Appearance page.

The logo section allows you to upload your corporate or digital workplace logo image and configure its positioning. The logo displays on every page within a workplace and clicking it provides a quick way to navigate back to the home page.

Logo's should meet the following specifications:

  • 450x150 pixels
  • Maximum 5MB file size
  • PNG, JPG, SVG, or GIF format (Animated GIFs that are used as logos will animate. )

Consider periodically updating your logo to help draw extra attention to seasonal holidays or major corporate events. In addition to the added visibility this provides, these periodic changes can help make the digital workplace feel more dynamic and alive.

Theme section

The theme section controls the overall appearance of the digital workplace based on the selected theme and CSS. The options available in the Theme section change depending on whether your workplace is using a Theme Library theme or a Custom Theme.

Both options allow you to add custom CSS to your workplace. However, only Custom Themes have a method for accessing old CSS versions.

Note: The custom theme of some digital workplaces is stored in the Theme Library. When this is the case, that CSS cannot be directly modified. However, it is still possible to add CSS to the workplace by checking the Add Custom CSS button below the Theme Library.


Available actions when using a theme from the Theme Library

  • Select Browse Library to view and select pre-built themes.
  • Select Add Custom CSS to enter custom CSS.
  • Select Preview to see what your digital workplace would look like with the selected Theme and additional CSS.
  • Select Apply to make the selected theme and additional CSS live.
  • Select Advanced Theme Editor to switch to a full Custom Theme. Ensure that you have custom CSS ready to be applied, as this option will remove all styling across your workplace.

Available actions when using a custom theme

  • Select Edit Custom Theme to enter custom CSS.
  • Select Browse Library to switch to using a Theme Library theme.

Email Notifications section

The Email Logo section of the Appearance page.

The Email Notifications section allows you to control the branding of your notifications. This includes adding a logo and modifying the primary color.