Inserting GIFs into content

Add some fun to your content by including a GIF. If enabled, you can insert GIFS into your content using the GIPHY tool found on the WYSIWYG editor's toolbar. This tool allows you to search and select a GIF from GIPHY, an online repository dedicated to hosting GIFs. When browsing GIFs using this tool, you will only see GIFs that have a PG rating. For more information about the PG rating, see Content Rating.

The GIF selection window.

Inserted GIFs are hosted by GIPHY and do not use up any storage space in your digital workplace. User's who select an inserted GIF will be redirected to the GIFs page on GIPHY.

How to insert a GIF

  1. In the WYSIWYG Editor, select GIPHY. You may need to first select More Rich.
  2. In the provided search box, enter a term and press Enter to browse related GIFs.
  3. Select the GIF that you want to insert into your content.

Editing inserted GIFs


Selecting a GIF while editing content in the WYSIWYG Editor displays a toolbar with the following editing tools:

  • Remove: Select to remove the GIF from your content.
  • Change Size: Select to change the widget and height of the GIF.

Moving a GIF

While editing content, move a GIF to a new spot by dragging and dropping it. The GIF will insert at the spot indicated by the cursor inside the editor.

Moving a GIF

Scaling a GIF

In addition to changing the size of a GIF with the Change Size tool, you can scale a GIF by selecting it and then dragging its handles to scale the image up or down.

GIF scaling handles.

Adding a line break above or below a GIF

Hover over the top or bottom of a GIF to reveal a break button. Click this button to add a line break. This option is only available when there is not already a line above or below the GIF.

The insert break button.