Zendesk web widget

The Zendesk web widget is available on request. If you are interested, contact the Support Team.

The Zendesk web widget is designed to let workplace administrators send support requests to Igloo Support directly through their digital workplace, rather than reaching out through email or Customer Care. This lets administrators easily and conveniently report issues, and helps the Igloo support team collect the information necessary to quickly provide a resolution.

The Zendesk Web Widget contact form.

Features and Functionality

Ease of Use

The widget appears in the bottom-right corner of every area of your digital workplace, letting Administrators submit any issues and challenges as they find them. 

Access Restricted

The widget is only accessible to Site Administrators, ensuring that it doesn't interfere with your Igloo's look and feel for other members. 

Submit Tickets

Enter your email, describe the issue, and attach any relevant screenshots directly in the widget to send them to our support system. 

Platinum Urgency

Digital workplaces with the Platinum Support Package can use the Urgent tag to have their Authorized Support Contacts engage Igloo's on-call support immediately, regardless of the time of day. 


Only English is supported as a language in the Zendesk web widget.