Viewing Insights reports in Power BI Online

You must have or create a Power BI Online account to use it. To create an account or sign in, go to Power BI Online.

You can use Power BI Online as an alternative way to view Insights reports if you can't install Power BI Desktop on your device. 

How to view Insights reports in Power BI Online

  1. Download the report to your device.
  2. In your browser, go to Power BI Online and sign in.
  3. Select My Workspace.
  4. Select Upload followed by Browse.
  5. Find and select the report using the provided file browser window.
  6. With the report selected, select Open.
    • If you've previously uploaded the same report, you will receive a message indicating that a data set with the same name already exists. Select Replace to overwrite the old version of the report.
  7. Once the processing is complete, select the report to view the data.