Adding custom colors to the editor's color palette

Add up to 15 custom colors to the WYSIWYG editor's color palette. Users can then select from these and the 27 default colors when styling text color, background color, and cell color. Custom colors are inserted at the top of the editor's color palette before the default colors.

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Who can do this

  • Workplace administrators
  • Enterprise administrators

Changing or removing custom colors

Applied colors do not automatically change or update when the custom color they are using is changed or removed. 

How to add custom colors to the editor's color palette

Selecting a custom color to add to the editor's palette.

  1. Select Control Panel.
  2. Under Presentation, select Additional Styles.
  3. Go to the section titled Color Palette in Editor.
  4. If you want to add more colors, select + Add more. You can add up to 15 colors.
  5. Find an empty color picker or one that you want to repurpose.
  6. To set a color, either select a color swatch to open a color wheel or enter a hex code. To remove a color, clear its hex code.
  7. Select Apply.