Attachments are files that have been added to a supported content type instead of a folder channel.

Attachments on a post appear below the post.

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Considerations and caveats

What supports attachments

You can add attachments to the following types of content:

  • Blog posts
  • Calendar events
  • Comments (excluding Comments on Tasks)
  • Forum topics/replies
  • Microblog posts
  • Wiki articles

Access rules

Attachments have the same access rules as the content that they are attached to.


Keep in mind the following when adding attachments to content:

  • Content (blog post, comment, etc.) can have a maximum of 20 attachments.
  • Attachments have the same size limit as the rest of your workplace, typically 2GB.

Search indexing

Attachments have their metadata indexed (e.g., title, description, comments, and file name). In addition to this information, files of the following types that are smaller than 10MB also have their text indexed:

  • pdf,
  • doc
  • docx
  • ppt
  • pptx
  • msg
  • txt
  • xls
  • xlsx

For more information about search, see Search.

Uploading the file to a Folder Channel instead

If the file is something that many people will need to access directly, or it is going to be embedded elsewhere in the digital workplace, consider uploading it to a Folder Channel instead. You can then take advantage of versioning and don't need to worry about losing the file if its parent content is deleted.

Managing attachments

Adding attachments

You can add attachments when creating or editing:

You can only add attachments when creating:

When emailing content into these content-types, any file attachments on the email will be added as attachments on the resulting content.

Deleting attachments

See Deleting attachments.

Updating attachments

To update, you must edit the content and remove the old attachment, and then add the new attachment.

Interacting with attachments

Attachments appear below the content they attached to. Members of a digital workplace can either click the download arrow next to the attachment to download it or click the file name to open a preview of the file.

A document preview of an attached file.

A preview of a document attachment.

When previewing a file, additional tools are found below it depending on the type of file. These include:

Tool Documents Images Videos Audio Description
Download Click to download the document to your system.
Link Click to generate a link that results in downloading the file.
Embed Click to generate an embed code to use in inserting the file into content.
Attachment tools

Note that Documents have a toolbar that provides additional functionality.