Accessing past custom CSS versions

The advanced theme editor (available when a custom theme is in use) displays the current version of your custom theme CSS. However, you can access past versions by manipulating the URL of the CSS file where this information is kept.

If your workplace uses a theme from the theme library, past CSS versions entered into the CSS editor are not accessible.

Accessing the custom theme CSS file

  1. Go to any location within your digital workplace.
  2. Open the developer tools of your browser.
  3. In the developer tools, switch to the Console tab and enter currentTheme.
  4. Copy and paste the URL (excluding the quotes) into a new browser tab to download the current version of your custom theme CSS. You can open this file using a text editor.
  5. To download past versions of the file, change the version number at the end of the URL before going to the URL. 
    • Example: If the current version is:
      You can change 23 to 22 to access that version of the file: