About enhancement

Add a background color to a widget with the About enhancement. Use this distinct widget background to highlight instructions or other vital information contained in a widget.

If your digital workplace already has this enhancement, you can find configuration steps on your Styles page.  

The About Enhancement applied to a poll widget.

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Request enhancement

To request this enhancement, please complete and submit an Enhancement Request Form.  

Considerations and caveats

Keep in mind the following when using the About enhancement:  

  • You can add the About enhancement to any widget in your digital workplace. However, depending on the widget's contents, this background color may not provide an accessible viewing experience. 
  • By default, the About enhancement will apply a grey background color to a widget. However, if your workplace has a custom visual design, it may be a different color.

How to apply the About enhancement

You can apply the About enhancement to a widget by giving it the about class. Refer to the article Applying custom CSS to widgets if you are unsure how to apply CSS classes to a widget.