Running the ILST in test mode

Running the ILST in test mode causes it to make and record all of the necessary calls to complete a sync; however, it will not make changes to your digital workplace. This allows you to understand better what the ILST will do before giving it the ability to modify your digital workplace's membership. 

You should always run the ILST in test mode when:

  • Configuring your ILST
  • Updating your ILST
  • Making a significant change to your ILST
  • Troubleshooting an issue

How to run the ILST in test mode

  1. Open the config.xml file found in your primary ILST folder.
  2. Within <ApplicationSettings>,  give <TestMode> a value of true. For example:
  3. Save your config.xml file.
  4. Run the ILST by double-clicking ILST.exe.
  5. Once the ILST finishes running, open ILST.log and verify that it finished without any issues.

To take the ILST out of test mode, edit the config.xml file and give <TestMode> a value of false