Configure Zendesk web widget display location in the digital workplace

When using the Igloo Digital Assistant configured to display as a floating action button, the Zendesk web widget will interfere, causing issues for workplace administrators who have access to both. 


  • The Igloo Digital Assistant and the Zendesk web widget are displayed in the same position at the bottom right of the digital workplace. 

Resolve by 

To resolve this issue, a workplace administrator can configure the Zendesk web widget to display at the bottom left of the digital workplace. To do so: 

  1. In your digital workplace, navigate to the location of the zendeskshow.css file. This file is typically found in the Theme folder of your digital workplace at /theme/zendesk_pilot/.
  2. Select Download to download the zendeskshow.css file.
  3. In a text editor, add the following CSS left: 0px !important; to iframe#launcher. The CSS should appear similar to: 
    iframe#launcher {
     display: block !important;
     left: 0px !important;
  4. Save this file and re-upload it to the digital workplace. 
    1. When viewing the file, select Actions, followed by Versions.
    2. Drag the file into the uploader or choose Select files from your computer to browse for the file. 
    3. Once uploaded, select Save
  5. Ensure that the Meta Tags page does not reference a versioned zendeskshow.css file.
    1. Select Control Panel
    2. Under Optimization, select Meta Tags.
    3. Note: 

      When editing Meta Tags, ensure all HTML code is correct before saving. Malformed HTML could break your site. 

      In the text box, locate the line referencing the zendeskshow.css file. It could appear similar to:
      <link rel="stylesheet" href="/download/theme/zendesk_pilot/zendeskshowcss;v1?attachment=0">
      If the file name contains a version number, remove the version number. For example, ;v1. The updated version could look similar to:
       <link rel="stylesheet" href="/download/theme/zendesk_pilot/zendeskshowcss?attachment=0">
    4. Select Save
  6. Refresh your page to see the updated location of the Zendesk web widget's button at the bottom left.