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July 20, 2017

July Release Preview

Gavyn McLeod

A release is targeted for July 26, and introduces support for simple workflows with Zapier, new Salesforce integrations, as well as updates to security and user management.

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QuestionChange "Like" to "Was this helpful?"

Cat Xia  -  2 Replies  -  35 hours ago

QuestionImage display quality

Anthony Lee  -  3 Replies  -  36 hours ago

QuestionDisabling download ability in document repository

Gary Ravago  -  1 Reply  -  38 hours ago

QuestionAuto Populate Broadcast Section of Blog Post

Stephen Herriott  -  1 Reply  -  38 hours ago

QuestionRandomize Slideshow Widget

Evin ☕ Lachance  -  1 Reply  -  39 hours ago

QuestionLogin slowness

Jeff Russo  -  1 Reply  -  2 days ago

IdeaMoving Files Breaks links to Related Content

Terry Banks  -  1 Reply  -  3 days ago

IdeaAlphabetized Bookmarks

Cat Xia  -  7 Replies  -  5 days ago

QuestionHow do I turn off notifications for document edits that I uploaded.

Ryan Gallant  -  1 Reply  -  8 days ago

QuestionExporting Data from Wiki Article Widget

Ana Coric  -  1 Reply  -  11 days ago

QuestionEdit Menu Icon

Keath Tanner  -  1 Reply  -  2 weeks ago

Ideaattachments and hyperlinks in Tasks

Chelsey Chen  -  16 Replies  -  3 weeks ago

QuestionImage formatting for a slideshow widget

Lindsey Blakeman  -  2 Replies  -  3 weeks ago

QuestionRead Tracking

Marleni Carias  -  2 Replies  -  3 weeks ago

QuestionMaximum number of poll answers

April Morris  -  2 Replies  -  2 weeks ago

QuestionRead More or Load More within a profile page

Rodney Rosario  -  1 Reply  -  2 weeks ago

QuestionDocument download via API

Esteban Nunez  -  1 Reply  -  2 weeks ago

QuestionCan you add a link from the top of your page to an item on the bottom?

Jenine Liszka  -  1 Reply  -  2 weeks ago

IdeaOnly show the title of the article on email notification

Shaun Fraser  -  3 Replies  -  3 weeks ago
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Target Release Schedule

This calendar contains the target release schedule for upcoming releases to the preview and production environments. This schedule is not final and dates may shift.
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Monday, August 7
The Igloo office will be closed on Monday, August 7th for a statutory holiday. Support will be avail…

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Photo of Cat XiaOfflineChange "Like" t…
Cat Xia
35 hours ago
There are times where "Like" makes sense, such as if someone posts a fun update or…
Photo of Dan TimminsOfflineChange "Like" t…
Dan Timmins
36 hours ago
Hi Cat,
The "Like" button functionality is controlled by the platform and cannot be changed either…
Photo of Dan TimminsOfflineImage display quality
Dan Timmins
36 hours ago
Hi Anthony,
Looking at the example it provided it looks like much of the distortion in happening…
Photo of Dan TimminsOfflineDisabling download abilit…
Dan Timmins
38 hours ago
Hi Gary,
While it is not currently possible to disable the download option for videos you can hide…
Photo of Dan TimminsOfflineAuto Populate Broadcast S…
Dan Timmins
38 hours ago
Hi Stephen,
Currently there is no functionality that allow the content to be placed into the…
Photo of Dan TimminsOfflineRandomize Slideshow Widge…
Dan Timmins
39 hours ago
Hi Evin,
Currently there is no way to randomize the contents of the Content Slideshow widget and…
Photo of Dan TimminsOfflineLogin slowness
Dan Timmins
2 days ago
Hi Jeff,
Login issues like this should usually be submitted to our support team…
Photo of Anthony LeeOfflineImage display quality
Anthony Lee
2 days ago
Thanks Chelsey.  This didn't work for me.  Not sure why
Photo of Chelsey LouzeiroOfflineImage display quality
Chelsey Louzeiro
3 days ago
H‍i Anthony Lee‍ ‍, I was having the same issue but this article helped solve the issue for me: http…
Photo of Kristy CampbellOfflineMoving Files Breaks links…
Kristy Campbell
3 days ago
Hi Terry Banks‍, yes agreed. We are looking at extending our platform's permalinking capabilities…

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