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May 24, 2017

Making a game of it

Jim Tigwell

A brief guide to using points in your Igloo

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QuestionDeleting Items in the Trash Can

Jenine Liszka  -  0 Replies  -  11 hours ago

QuestionHyperlinks in Uploaded PDF

Katherine Sneed  -  0 Replies  -  13 hours ago

IdeaRich Text in Messages

Jenn Carver  -  10 Replies  -  14 hours ago

IdeaIcon image with Article

Andrea Lipo  -  1 Reply  -  28 hours ago

IdeaMultiple Notifications on Item which is Followed/@Mention by Same User

Terry Banks  -  1 Reply  -  28 hours ago

QuestionAnyone else having issues with Igloo not loading Posts??

Nicholas Crandall  -  5 Replies  -  31 hours ago

QuestionDeleting microblog post text

Lindsay Ridgley  -  4 Replies  -  6 days ago

IdeaCheck notification emails

Jeff Rinck  -  3 Replies  -  2 days ago

 DiscussionAn error has occurred. (Support Code: NjM2MjQ5NjA5NDE3MTkxMzEyX1AtV0VCMzg=)

Tak Yeung  -  1 Reply  -  6 days ago

QuestionAre these links supposed to be accessible ?

Digital Doctor  -  0 Replies  -  31 hours ago

QuestionRead Tracking Notification

Brian Novello  -  5 Replies  -  2 days ago

IdeaExport Article as PDF

Alex Mattos  -  2 Replies  -  8 days ago

QuestionFDA Valdation and Verficiation of Igloo

Terry Banks  -  0 Replies  -  8 days ago

QuestionHow to create button links for wiki channels like igloo's own Knowledge…

Digital Doctor  -  2 Replies  -  32 hours ago

QuestionFile Sharing outside of community

James Dampney  -  2 Replies  -  6 days ago

QuestionOffline editing using Desktop Client

Nausheen Sayed  -  2 Replies  -  6 days ago

IdeaProject Management Tools

Lonnie Jones  -  5 Replies  -  8 days ago

QuestionUser Activity

Terry Banks  -  0 Replies  -  38 hours ago

QuestionHow do I post as another user?

Clara Blakelock  -  5 Replies  -  9 days ago

QuestionEmail Notifications- Blog posts

Shaun Fraser  -  3 Replies  -  9 days ago
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OfflinePhoto of Chelsey LouzeiroRich Text in Messages
Chelsey Louzeiro
14 hours ago
Agreed! Rich text and attachments in messages would be wonderful! Vanessa Ceccato‍ do you know any…
OfflinePhoto of Kristy CampbellIcon image with Article
Kristy Campbell
28 hours ago
Hi Andrea Lipo‍, thanks for sharing your idea. To confirm, which type(s) of articles would you like…
OfflinePhoto of Kristy CampbellMultiple Notifications on…
Kristy Campbell
28 hours ago
Hi Terry Banks‍, thanks for reaching out. Good timing as improving & streamlining email…
OfflinePhoto of Nicholas CrandallAnyone else having issues…
Nicholas Crandall
31 hours ago
this has been resolved - i was trying to find out how to delete the thread actually 
OfflinePhoto of Digital DoctorHow to create button link…
Digital Doctor
32 hours ago
I tried [add a new channel] for a channel that already existed (in this case Procedures, and Office…
OfflinePhoto of Digital DoctorAnyone else having issues…
Digital Doctor
33 hours ago
Nicholas Crandall‍ - are you hosted on ?
OfflinePhoto of Digital DoctorHow to create button link…
Digital Doctor
33 hours ago
I've added a new channel to my wiki ... 

But my wiki already has many other sources:

How do…
OfflinePhoto of Jim TigwellAnyone else having issues…
Jim Tigwell
34 hours ago
This morning there was an issue potentially affecting the overall latency of some Igloo…
OfflinePhoto of Ben BrooksAnyone else having issues…
Ben Brooks
36 hours ago
We were having issues with images loading all morning. That appears to have been resolved but email…
OfflinePhoto of April MorrisAnyone else having issues…
April Morris
40 hours ago
I'm having problems uploading photos into a blog post and then they are disappearing when…

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