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March 22, 2017

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Ryan Consell

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QuestionHow do I assign cover images to a folder?

Caitlin Langhorne  -  3 Replies  -  10 hours ago

QuestionEmbed a Document

Lindsey Blakeman  -  0 Replies  -  11 hours ago

IdeaSync Outlook calendar with Igloo calendar

Adrienne Chance  -  12 Replies  -  3 days ago

QuestionRegistration Page

Alex Kinsella  -  1 Reply  -  4 days ago

IdeaNo more duplicated emails please

Cat Xia  -  3 Replies  -  3 days ago

QuestionAdding subtasks

Lindsay Ridgley  -  2 Replies  -  3 days ago

IdeaADVANCED SEARCH, and filtering docs by label within a specific file folder

Jocelyn Flint  -  5 Replies  -  4 days ago

QuestionSort / filter content and projects by popularity

Marc Vanderbilt  -  1 Reply  -  4 days ago

IdeaPush Notification for the Mobile App

Claire Blair  -  18 Replies  -  5 days ago

QuestionChange time-out duration

April Kitchen  -  1 Reply  -  4 days ago

QuestionOutside emails using Contact Cards?

April Kitchen  -  0 Replies  -  6 days ago

QuestionDisabling email function

Courtney Seiter  -  1 Reply  -  4 days ago

QuestionEmail Address Link?

Jessica Parker  -  1 Reply  -  4 days ago

DiscussionCalendar View & Document Preview

Amber Osborne  -  1 Reply  -  4 days ago

QuestionDeleting microblog post text

Lindsay Ridgley  -  0 Replies  -  10 days ago

QuestionChannel Template with Task Template

Real Deals Corporate JoDee Nice  -  3 Replies  -  7 days ago

QuestionDefault online status for users

Myles McKinnon  -  1 Reply  -  10 days ago

QuestionBody Preview in Blog Widget

Elaina Bruck  -  0 Replies  -  10 days ago

QuestionIs there a way to message all my community contacts?

April Morris  -  0 Replies  -  6 days ago

QuestionAdvantages of Messages vs. Email?

Mary Kaeding  -  0 Replies  -  10 days ago
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OnlinePhoto of Nausheen SayedHow do I assign cover ima…
Nausheen Sayed
10 hours ago
Has this feature been implemented yet?
OfflinePhoto of Kristy CampbellSync Outlook calendar wit…
Kristy Campbell
3 days ago
H‍i Rob Newell‍, thank you for your feedback. We appreciate that there are limitations in our…
OfflinePhoto of Kristy CampbellNo more duplicated emails…
Kristy Campbell
3 days ago
Pamela Dzwonek‍, April Kitchen‍ - good timing on this. Improving email notifications (including…
OfflinePhoto of April KitchenNo more duplicated emails…
April Kitchen
3 days ago
Agree. As the community manager, I get SO many duplicate emails. 
OfflinePhoto of Rob NewellSync Outlook calendar wit…
Rob Newell
3 days ago
I have to say that as a new customer of Igloo, it is very disappointing to see that this issue was…
OfflinePhoto of Lindsay RidgleyAdding subtasks
Lindsay Ridgley
3 days ago
Thanks Jim Tigwell‍.  
OfflinePhoto of Jim TigwellRegistration Page
Jim Tigwell
4 days ago
Hi Alex, 
There isn't a way to customize the registration page out of the box, but we can…
OfflinePhoto of Jim TigwellChange time-out duration
Jim Tigwell
4 days ago
Hi April, 
The session timeout is a function of the platform, and can't currently be customized…
OfflinePhoto of Jim TigwellAdding subtasks
Jim Tigwell
4 days ago
Hi Lindsay, 
The Add Subtask function is limited to tasks placed in Task Channels, and can't be…
OfflinePhoto of Jim TigwellSort / filter content and…
Jim Tigwell
4 days ago
Hi Marc, 
Alternative wiki sorting isn't currently supported in the platform but, with your…

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