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December 15, 2017

December Release Overview

Andrew Benjamin

Our December release is now live in your workplace, bringing improvements to session timeout behavior, search and language class support.

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QuestionA bunch of questions

Victoria Freeman  -  0 Replies  -  45 hours ago

IdeaAdding Tags in pages

Hazelle Florencio  -  2 Replies  -  2 days ago

QuestionProblem with accents

Mathieu MERSON  -  4 Replies  -  2 days ago

QuestionNavigation Bar

Laura Warner  -  1 Reply  -  3 days ago

QuestionURL Change

Kiarah Luter  -  2 Replies  -  3 days ago

QuestionAttendance list/daily sign-in feature

Michelle Holden  -  2 Replies  -  3 days ago

QuestionSubscribe to a page, folder, or content?

April Morris  -  3 Replies  -  3 days ago

QuestionUsing "MailTo" HTML in "Links" Widget

Kim Morgan  -  2 Replies  -  3 days ago

IdeaExport option for forum content

Kayley Holloway  -  0 Replies  -  4 days ago

QuestionContent Expiration Dates

Kayley Holloway  -  1 Reply  -  5 days ago

IdeaThreaded Comments/Replies

Juliann Van Wormer  -  0 Replies  -  5 days ago

IdeaAdd ability to back-date posts and change posting day/time after publicatio…

Betsy Jorgensen  -  1 Reply  -  5 days ago

IdeaExport Article as PDF

Alex Mattos  -  4 Replies  -  5 days ago

QuestionArticle content

Kayley Holloway  -  2 Replies  -  5 days ago

QuestionCalendar subscriptions

Amy Flynn  -  1 Reply  -  6 days ago

QuestionCalendar View - Edit days displayed

Kayley Holloway  -  2 Replies  -  9 days ago

QuestionImporting content or documents

Kayley Holloway  -  1 Reply  -  9 days ago

QuestionColor Coding Calendars

Kayley Holloway  -  3 Replies  -  9 days ago


Mathieu MERSON  -  5 Replies  -  10 days ago

QuestionPosting to blogs simultaneously

April Morris  -  2 Replies  -  10 days ago
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This calendar contains the target release schedule for upcoming releases to the preview and production environments. This schedule is not final and dates may shift.
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Office Closures

Holiday Office Closure

Monday, December 25
The Igloo office will be closed on Monday, December 25th for a statutory holiday. Support will be av…

Holiday Office Closure

Tuesday, December 26
The Igloo office will be closed on Tuesday, December 26th for a statutory holiday. Support will be a…
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Forum Activity

Photo of Brian RitcheyOfflineAdding Tags in pages
Brian Ritchey
2 days ago
Any update on this feature request?
OfflineProblem with accents
Mathieu MERSON
2 days ago
Thanks Emma !
Best regards.
Photo of Norma JamesOfflineNavigation Bar
Norma James
3 days ago
Hi Laura,
I will speak to my Solutions Team and they can scope out possible solution for you. We…
Photo of Emma FotinoOfflineURL Change
Emma Fotino
3 days ago
Hello Kira,

If you change a URL identifier for a channel, page, or space, then anywhere you have…
Photo of Michelle HoldenOfflineAttendance list/daily sig…
Michelle Holden
3 days ago
Great! Thanks Bradley.
Photo of Bradley WarringtonOfflineAttendance list/daily sig…
Bradley Warrington
3 days ago
Hi Michelle, 
There currently isn't a request in for this, and sounds like a good idea! I have…
Photo of Andrew BenjaminOfflineUpcoming December Release
Andrew Benjamin
3 days ago
Hi Peter Schoenberg‍ 
The release was pushed live and you should see the change to your Igloo this…
Photo of April MorrisOfflineSubscribe to a page, fold…
April Morris
3 days ago
Emma Fotino‍ Thank you for your help on the subscriptions question. Our team spaces have…
Photo of Igloo SoftwareOfflineURL Change
Igloo Software
3 days ago
##- Please type your reply above this line -##
Your request (23613) has been updated. To add…
Photo of Rob NewellOfflineUsing "MailTo" …
Rob Newell
3 days ago
Is there an update on when this feature request might actually be implemented? To not support…

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